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Welcome to Middleton Strange - a student made website made to help all MGS students in some way.

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AI Summarised School Notices

Our Mission

Created by one school student (Me), for the students to use, It's basically a bunch of quality of life features like notice summarisation and chat. I also noticed chatgpt stopped working so on the sidebar I have linked a working version. If you want any features just leave them in the feedback section.

AI Summarised School Notices

Get a summary of the current daily school notices (Powered by chatgpt). Also you can ask it questions about the notices and it will respond with the answer.

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Channels (chat rooms)

Join various channels to chat with classmates and share notes and stuff. You dont need a account. The character limit is around 100 words but I might remove that soon.

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This is your site

Make something cool

Do you want a piece of the website to yourself? You could make a cool game or webpage and I will host it for FREE. You can make anything (within reason) and I will make it a part of this website. I have developed the chat system, the school notice summariser and a few other cool things. What cool thing could you make to put on this site? Just contact me below about what you want to make and I can help you make it or just host it for you. Power to the students!


If you want any features email me at [email protected] or leave them in the feedback box below